Why UK Self-Storage Businesses Need to Work on Improving Market Awareness

Out of sight, out of mind is often what drives so many customers to rent out a self-storage unit in the first place. However, sadly, this saying also seems to ring true for the visibility of self-storage businesses. According to the SSA, 43% of the public do not understand what self-storage is and a further 10% have never even heard of self-storage. This lack of awareness is crazy. Just think, that’s over half of your potential customers! 

Clearly, the UK has a long way to go in terms of market awareness. Self-storage is oftentimes a needs-based purchase. However, if more people were aware of the benefits (and first and foremost, the existence!) of self-storage units, you could easily drive more business. 

With such large untapped market potential, it makes commercial sense to work on improving your brand awareness. Introduce your services to new audiences and educate the public about the benefits of self-storage. 

When a concept is unfamiliar, you need to spend time building up trust through marketing. Once someone is familiar with a brand, they will be more likely to consider it as an option. This means that marketing to the local area about the advantages of self-storage is a must. This approach can help you to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Who should self-storage firms target in their marketing and what benefits should they promote?

In your marketing, you need to illustrate the practicality and value self-storage can bring. Here are some suggestions of which customers to target and what benefit to promote: 

  • Homemovers: How self-storage can simplify the homemoving process by offering a temporary place to store belongings. 
  • Home improvers: How self-storage can protect your belongings while you renovate your home. 
  • Downsizers: How self-storage offers a place to store belongings that do not fit in a new property so that you need not sell your items. 
  • Travellers: How self-storage offers a convenient way to securely store belongings while you travel or live abroad. 
  • Collectors: How self-storage units can be climate-controlled to preserve valuable collectables or memorabilia. 
  • Seasonal storage: How self-storage can provide a dedicated space to store outdoor gear, holiday decorations and seasonal clothing during off-season months. 
  • Decluttering your home: How self-storage can free up space in your home for a more peaceful environment.


How are self-storage businesses currently marketing?

The latest SSA report found that the majority of the industry’s marketing budget is spent on Google Adwords or similar campaigns. This means that most self-storage businesses are directing their marketing efforts to individuals already familiar with their services. To encounter a PPC ad, customers need to actively search for ‘self-storage’ online. Consequently, most people will not come across their message since they lack awareness of the business’s existence.

What’s the solution to increase market awareness in the self-storage market?

The 2024 SSA report also identified that there’s a severe lack of offline marketing in the industry, with only 2% of expenses spent on this, compared to 8% on digital marketing. To increase brand visibility, you should invest in offline marketing channels to reach a broader audience. 

When it comes to marketing, there is a digital overload. Direct mail is a viable option as it cuts through the digital noise that most people have become blind to. JICMAIL states that 79% of direct mail is opened, 71% is read and 41% drives a commercial action. With direct mail, you can capture attention without paying a premium. It’s an effective marketing channel as it offers a tangible experience and engages with multiple senses. What’s more, it often remains in the home for a number of days, giving your brand increased visibility.

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JICMAIL also state that it’s more effective for the younger demographic, Gen Z. The SSA found that 42% of self-storage customers are 50-64 years old. So direct mail campaigns are a great way to talk to the younger audience to make them aware of your service and drive a new generation of customers. (Source: Discover the power of Direct Mail webinar, JICMAIL.)


How can MoverAlerts help?

MoverAlerts can provide direct mail campaigns for you. The SSA found that people tend to choose a self-storage unit within a 15-mile radius. We can ensure that your direct mail campaign remains within this area to reduce wasted spend. 

We can also help you to target homemovers specifically; a crucial customer for your industry. Our parent company TwentyCi track 99.6% of residential property moves and we can provide you with address storage leads of those moving home and may be in the market for your service. 

We also have access to planning application data so we can put you in touch with those who have these pending or approved applications for extensions. These homeowners may want to store their belongings offsite while renovations are carried out.


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Increasing brand awareness will not only benefit your own business but also the overall growth of the self-storage industry. We need to work together to lower the percentage of the public unaware of self-storage. 

With only 8.7% of people considering using self-storage space in the next twelve months according to the SSA, there’s a massive opportunity to promote self-storage as a service. Focusing on brand awareness marketing could go a long way to generating new storage leads.

If you would like to find out how MoverAlerts can help you boost your brand awareness find out more here or get in touch with our team here.

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