Generating 6,545 Enquiries Between 3 of The Largest UK Removals & Storage Companies

We work with three of the largest UK removals and storage companies, supplying them with either home mover data alone or home mover data combined with direct mail campaigns. As a result, we generated nearly 6,545 enquiries for them collectively.

Take a look at their results:

Case study example 1

For one of the largest UK moving and storage companies we help them target home movers by supplying them addresses for properties marked as Subject to Contract.  

Overall, our results analysed from June to October 2023 were:

  • In total, 101,197 MoverAlerts addresses were supplied to them
  • The client received 20,062 enquiries
  • Of which 5,567 enquiries were matched to the addresses MoverAlerts had provided
  • Resulting in MoverAlerts being accountable for generating 27.75% of the total enquiries they received 

Take a look at the breakdown below: 

Month Number of addresses supplied Total number of enquiries in the month Enquiry match to MoverAlerts data
June 19,361 4,638 1096
July 19,556 4,221 1310
August 28,610 4,383 1582
September 15,403 3,307 762
October 18,267 3,513 817

We conducted further analysis of this data, revealing that over time, there is a continuous increase in enquiries for previous months.

For example, if we take the month of June and look at how many of their enquiries were from addresses we supplied to them in June. This month was attributed to 1096 enquiries when we analysed the data in October. However, when we initially first analysed this at the end of June, they had only received 310 enquiries from June addresses supplied.

You can see demonstrated in the graph below how the enquiries grew over time, jumping from 310 to 1096 over the course of 4 months. This means that although the initial direct mail was sent in June, customers who received them held off enquiring until later – when they were further down the moving journey.

If you jump back to the first graph you can also see that this is further echoed with the enquiry data, that September and October have the lowest number of enquiries due to obtaining the data at the end of October. 

Month Number of enquiries received in the month that were matched to MoverAlerts June addressess Total number of enquiries that were matched to MoverAlerts June addresses
June 310 310
July 189 499
August 264 763
September 161 924
October 172 1096

Case study example 2

For over 10 years, MoverAlerts have provided cost-effective localised home mover data and marketing fulfilment services to a leading UK independent removal company that specialises in national and international house removals and storage.

The below results have contributed to the company receiving a steady flow of revenue-generating enquiries and allowing it to expand its regional reach to properties that were the right fit for its services.

14,555 addresses supplied over the course of 12-month period 
354 enquiries were generated 
74 moves were carried out 
With an average move bringing in £2,316 in revenue 
We generated a revenue total of £171,384 
Providing a £8.54 : 1 ROI 

We also helped this company with their retargeting marketing campaign by matching 3,587 of their existing enquiries in their database against our home mover data. This was to allow them to gain the full address of the enquiries that were incomplete and pinpoint at what stage these enquiries were in their moving journey to focus their marketing efforts. We were able to provide them with 84.2% of the full addresses and identified 850 properties were at exchanged stage and 715 were at completion stage.

They believe we are, “A trusted tool for highly targeted leads within chosen postcodes. The additional benefit is a brilliant customer team who worked with us to customise our solution, aligning it with what we needed.”

Case study example 3

We work with a storage company that operates centres across 8 locations in the UK that are situated mainly around Scotland and the North West of England. Providing a total of 4,104 addresses of properties that were For Sale to 5 of the sites, we found there was a 3.8% conversion rate between addresses provided and number of moves carried out resulting in us being accountable for generating them just over 13% of the total moves they carried out.

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