Removals Leads vs Removals Comparison Sites

Posted by MoverAlerts on May 9, 2022 5:07:04 PM

It is an unavoidable fact that the market for removal services is quite specific. No one is going to take this service on a whim - but when someone is looking for a moving company, they will always end up using one.

This makes running a non-targeted marketing campaign for your removal company ultimately pointless. It will be financially costly with little ROI. This is one sector where qualified leads are the only customers worth chasing down.

The need for high-quality residential moving leads across many moving services means that a lot of websites and services exist to provide them. Of course, not all these services are created equal.  

In this article, we’re going to look at the two major sources of quality moving leads - those that MoverAlerts harvest from property data, and those supplied by comparison sites. 

We’ll cover how these different services generate leads, as well as the benefits that come from each and hopefully help you decide where you’d prefer to source your removals leads.


What removals leads does MoverAlerts offer?

As a moving leads provider, MoverAlerts offer a unique lead generation service. 

We work with data from the UK’s leading property and home mover data providers. This gives us access to data spanning over 99% of property moves in both sales and rentals. We use this to generate relevant removals leads that suit your exact needs in terms of location and demographic.

As standard, we will provide you with the address of relevant properties, along with the property value and number of bedrooms where possible. This data can be filtered by postcode and how far along the homemover journey the prospective leads are. 

This allows you to contact your potential customers at the exact point of your choosing. You can reach out at the start of their journey if you want to put your company at the front of their mind, or you can leave it until they are organically ready and make a strong impression.


What removals leads do moving comparison sites offer?

Moving comparison sites work on a completely different model to MoverAlerts.

Rather than being proactive and collating data from a variety of constantly updated sources, comparison sites are reactive. They only share data about people who have signed up to register an interest in removal services.

These companies essentially work as a moving broker. Once someone signs up for a quote on costs, their details are shared and you will be given the opportunity to quote for that particular job.

This not only means that they will only share leads of people who are actively looking for a removals service - they can only share details of people who have found their own comparison website and taken the time to sign up.


MoverAlerts vs moving comparison site leads

Though MoverAlerts and comparison sites both focus on lead generation for removals, the differences in how we source these leads mean that MoverAlerts are able to bring you more benefits and moving leads than most comparison sites.


Many more leads

The biggest benefit that we can bring over standard moving brokers and comparison sites is that we will provide far more leads every time.

A comparison site will only give you leads who are already actively searching for removal companies. In contrast, we will deliver people who haven’t even started searching for companies yet. This means you will get a much larger volume of relevant leads to target.

Whatever volume of traffic passes through a moving comparison site, you can guarantee it will be less than 99% of property movers. Yet that is the percentage of movers that our data covers, allowing you to access many more relevant leads in your area.


Beat the competition

As well as giving you more leads that are still highly relevant, MoverAlerts will deliver you leads who are earlier in their buyer journey. This means you will be able to contact them before your competition.

We will also help you stay ahead of your competitors by offering regularly updated data. In fact, we refresh our data every day to make sure it is always current and always relevant.


No bidding war

Time is not the only edge over your competition that MoverAlerts can give either. Many comparison sites will collect price quotes to share immediately after sign-up. This means that your competitors can see your quoted prices and attempt to undercut them.

With MoverAlerts, we enable direct contact between you and your potential customer. This means your prices are not revealed to your competitors and allows you to establish a fair cost with the customer.

We also limit the number of clients we sell our data to so you can trust that you won’t be competing against a crowd of companies trying to undercut you.


Allow you to promote more than just price

Comparison sites focus on cost, making it more likely a potential customer will just pick the cheapest offer without question. 

When your leads come from us you can contact potential customers on your own terms. Your company may take pride in providing a reliable, efficient service from a qualified team. With our service, you can easily foreground these benefits and use them to convert customers as you aren’t competing on price first and foremost.


Personal account manager

When you work with us you are assigned an account manager to be your main point of contact. This means you can ring up and speak to an experienced, knowledgeable member of our team who can offer advice and support you with your account whenever you need it.

In contrast, most comparison sites will offer email contact only. As well as removing the personal touch, this can make it harder to get prompt responses or difficult questions answered adequately.


Fulfilment service

One final but significant benefit MoverAlerts can offer is our fulfilment service

With this service we don’t just generate highly relevant leads for your company - we take care of marketing your removals business to them as well. All you need to do is identify your intended customer personas and choose whether you want a letter or a postcard - we will take care of the rest!

We can run a direct mail marketing campaign that converts your leads into customers. We take the hassle out of your hands, saving you time and making sure you conduct a quality campaign every time.

If you want consistent, high-quality moving leads then MoverAlrts offer a subscription service that turns reliable homemover data into potential customers for you to convert. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.

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