Boost Your Removal and Storage Business Through Referrals

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“You came highly recommended.” 

How satisfying are those words? 

Never underestimate the power of referrals when it comes to generating leads. They can be a real game-changer in helping your business grow. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into how you can generate more leads for your removal or storage business through referrals. 


How can movers and storers get referrals? 

  • Deliver an outstanding service 

The easiest way to get organic leads is to go above and beyond with every client. By making your service notable for all the right reasons, you’ll naturally get recommended. Remember that no one is going to recommend a mediocre service. It’s each end of the spectrum that makes a service memorable. Customers will only go out of their way to mention your business if they were really satisfied with a stand-out service or if they were so disappointed that they want to warn others! 

So how do you exceed client expectations? The first thing to keep in mind is that moving is stressful. Customers are letting you into their homes and allowing you to transport their personal belongings. It goes without saying that you need to handle their possessions with care and act respectfully and professionally. It goes a long way to listen to the client and provide updates every step of the way. To go the extra mile, you could accommodate their special requests. It’s human nature to reciprocate, so if you give the client more than they expect, they’ll be more likely to do a favour for you in return such as referring your business. A high level of service will turn your customers into brand advocates who’ll recommend you to others. 

Who do you trust most in the world? Your family and friends, right? So, when they recommend goods or services you take note. That’s the power of referrals. To put some stats behind that, according to Nielsen, 88% trust recommendations that come from people that they know more than any other channel. These types of referrals build trust and make your brand credible. 


  • Ask for referrals 

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Be polite, not pushy. Timing counts when it comes to asking, so wait until just after someone has submitted a positive review or when you’ve just completed a move and the client is thanking you for a great service. 


  • Offer incentives 

People are more likely to refer you if there is something in it for them. Offer discounts or rewards for successful referrals by creating a referral program. This is a great way to show your appreciation and encourage people to continue referring you. 

First, you need to nail down a referral program that's both clear and easy to follow: 

  1. Outline your key customer 
  2. Choose a referral gift (cash, gift card, free product) 
  3. Design how people submit a referral (email, website form, unique code or URL) 
  4. Work out how you will track these referrals (on your CRM, spreadsheet) 

Keep it as simple as possible with minimal steps. Appoint one person in your business to be responsible for ensuring those referring your business are rewarded. This will keep your referrers motivated to continue doing so! 


  • Partner with complementary business 

Establish relationships with local estate agents, mortgage brokers, renovation contractors, housebuilders, property management companies and interior designers. There are plenty of businesses that deal with homemovers or home renovators and can refer you. Even a cleaning company that carries out end-of-tenancy cleaning is a valuable referral partner. Think outside the box. A local barber could become a vital referral partner when their customers mention moving home during a trim. Set up a mutual referral scheme where you both have an arrangement to refer clients to one another. 

You could even ask your satisfied clients which estate agent and mortgage broker they used. Reach out to these businesses, informing them that you've recently assisted one of their clients who was pleased with your service. Politely request them to consider recommending you to others. Sharing a mutual client provides a natural conversation starter for engaging with them. 


  • Manage your brand reputation 

Never underestimate the importance of five-star reviews and testimonials on sites like Google and Yelp. Make sure you respond to reviews to show your appreciation. Take learnings from any lower-rated reviews and use this feedback to improve your service. Make sure to share positive reviews on your website and social media channels, as well as in your direct mail marketing or email marketing. Reviews can influence the decision on whether to choose your service and help to build trust. 


The benefits of referrals 

Referrals offer numerous benefits for mover and storer companies. It's a cost-effective marketing technique to attract new clients. Referrals tend to convert better because they come from a trusted source. They also help to improve customer loyalty. People will be more likely to remember you and use you again in the future. 



Referrals can offer a steady stream of new customers and offer lead generation for moving companies and storage businesses. By implementing a referral program, you can unlock a steady stream of high-quality leads. Prioritise customer satisfaction, build strong relationships with clients and partners and offer incentives to encourage referrals. 

Referrals work great alongside other marketing campaigns. TwentyCi’s MoverAlerts helps storage and removal companies find clients by providing address leads for those in the moving journey. You can reach out to these homemovers yourself or take on our direct mail fulfilment service and we’ll contact these homemovers for you by sending out our moving company flyers and postcards. Give us a call or email if you want to find out more. 

We understand the power of referrals, which is why we have our very own established referral program set up. Take a look to get an idea of how you could imitate this for your removal or storage business.