2021 MoverAlerts Census - What did we learn?

Posted by Rob Lynam-Wilkes on May 11, 2021 3:58:01 PM
Rob Lynam-Wilkes

Here at MoverAlerts, we are determined to give you the best value product. 

As much as we have a highly talented team behind the scenes to make that happen, we want to ensure that our product is best suitable to our VIP’s, or Very Important People; our Users. So, tying in with the UK’s decennial census being conducted in March 2021, we decided to do the same.

We canvassed the opinion of our Users. By doing this, we can find the issues that you are facing within your day-to-day business and how we can help at MoverAlerts make good product great, by making it more suited for your needs. 

If you missed your chance to express your opinion or want to give feedback, just because the census has finished, we still want to hear it. In fact we encourage it. Please send it through to us.

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One of the key things we found is that our Users like us. Like really like us!

So much so that you would recommend us to your friends and colleagues. We used a market research metric called Net Promoter Score (NPS), where we scored the following: 

  • MoverAlerts Service and Support: 61 
  • Recommending MoverAlerts to Friends and Colleagues: 52 
  • MoverAlerts Service & Product Overall: 56 


What do these scores even mean? 

Without having to have a degree in statistics, all respondents are placed into groups based on their score. Promoters (Users who answer the question with 9-10), Passives (7-8), and Detractors (0-6).  

Promoters are users who essentially love the product. The people who will tell their friends and colleagues about you.

Passives are your tougher crowd, the people who use the product but are just indifferent to talk about you.

However, detractors are users who actively do not like the product.  

To calculate this score, we need to take the percentage of our promoters and substrate the percentage of detractors. An example of this would be if we survey 100 users, and we had 50% of them being promoters and 40% being detractors. The calculation would be 50 - 40 = 10, and 10 is our NPS. However, if we surveyed the same users a year later and had 50% promoters and now 20% detractors, our score will change. Our score will be 50-20 = 30. Our NPS has improved. 

To put this into perspectiveany positive score is a good scoreAll our scores are within the “Great” section. With your help, we want to be excellent! 


Image credit: Retently.com 

Having positive scores means that more people want to promote you and your productWe also asked about what we can do to make the product better, or if there were pain points. 59% of respondents did not know how to make MoverAlerts better and a staggering 83% did not have an issue with MoverAlerts. So, for that, we are grateful that you appreciate our product. But we want to make it even better! 

We also found that our users like to use their data for their marketing strategies or using our fulfilment services to help with their collateral needs. If you are interested in our fulfilment needs, you can contact us at moveralerts@twentyci.co.uk.

So what's next for MoverAlerts? 

For now, we have received some great feedback as well regarding improvements, enhancements, interesting changes, and we will look to explore them. 

We will be sending some information out to our respondents in the coming weeks, asking about these enhancements and issues which matter to them so be on the look out.  

If you would like to be part of this follow up, please reach out to us at moveralerts@twentyci.co.uk and we can add you to the distribution list when it goes out. 

For further details on your data that will be used by us, please visit our privacy policy [here], however, we will ensure that this submission of your contact details will only be used by us, for product consultation.  

Thank you so much to everyone who has responded. As I mentioned before, it is still not too late to contact us and give feedback. We appreciate all opinions and thoughts regarding MoverAlerts. 

If you'd like anymore information on future product development updates from MoverAlerts, get in touch today

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